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I see a theme: Nasty Exercise #2

So, there is a theme here - - last week I had a nasty little number for you.  If you missed it, you can [...]

How do you like me so far… Contra DB Row

Ah January - a time of renewal, a time of optimism, the start of a new periodization cycle... and it includes that cursed Contra [...]

Box Jumps look cool – – that’s all

BOX JUMP SILLINESS IN THE GYM... If you are training in a gym or watching training videos on Instagram then READ this for SURE! [...]

The key to a strong core for athletes who lift

For starters, you've gotta watch this video just to see the amazing effects that the Team RevCon Super Admin Sarah added to the first [...]

What do RevCon athletes have in common with the Super Bowl champions Philadelphia Eagles??

Both groups are on the cutting edge of training to reduce the incidence and severity of concussion. I say “reduce the incidence and severity” [...]

Goalie Superband Hip Drive

My 'thinking' time is filled with trying to find a better way. Constantly. Not that I think there is one "best" way out there, [...]



“Revolution Conditioning has helped me achieve my goals by making me a stronger athlete both physically and mentally. When I first started at Rev Con I wasn’t as dedicated as I should have been and they put me onto the right track.”
– Damian Warner, Olympic Bronze Medalist, Decathlon

“I’ve been an athlete all my life and have always been is decent shape.  My overall fitness and strength took a huge leap forward within a month of starting the Revolution Conditioning program.  I am faster and stronger now than I have ever been and hitting goals I never thought possible.  Revolution is the foundation of my athletic successes – I look forward to every workout and every phase!”
– Glenn Whitehead – IronMan

“I have been coming to RevCon for more than 10 years.  Throughout my athletic career I have worked with many trainers at the Provincial, National and NCAA level – RevCon have been the most professional, detail oriented and knowledgeable gym I have trained with. A critical success factor for me has also been the fact I have never had a major injury derail my success – I fully believe this is attributable to my partnership in working with the RevCon Team.”
– Patrick McConville – 2x NCAA All-American Alpine Ski Racer

“When I started Revolution Conditioning back in 2016, I was performing at an average level in my sport, and I wanted to become a dominating factor. As I continued to train at Revolution Conditioning I saw immense increase in my performance on and off the track and in the weight room. Not only had Revcon helped me increase my athlete abilities and strength it has helped me grow as a person by increasing my confidence and leadership.”
– Matthew MacNeill – USport Track & Field 2019 Rookie of the Year / CIS Bronze Medal – Long Jump


Maria Mountain MSc
Maria Mountain MScFounder
Maria Mountain, MSc started Revolution Sport Conditioning in September of 2004 and a few months later moved into the original location on Richmond Row. As she continues to build Goalie Training Pro Inc., her primary role on the RevCon Team is program design and customization.
Tyler Doig CPTN
Tyler Doig CPTNOwner/Strength Coach
A former Professional Hockey Player, Tyler has been the Head Strength Coach since February 2011 and took over Ownership of Revolution Conditioning in September of 2019. Tyler looks forward to continuing on with the RevCon Mission of helping more athletes reach their goals and live their dreams.
Michael Hughes BSc
Michael Hughes BScStrength Coach
Michael joined us in November of 2018 and has been a seamless and valuable addition to Team RevCon. When Michael isn’t scheming his Elf on the Shelf Instagram posts you may find him slapping the puck around or shredding up the hill at Blue Mountain

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