At Revolution Conditioning “good enough” is not in our vocabulary. RevCon strength and conditioning coaches deliver elite results and reduce your risk of injury by helping you do the right exercises at the right time with the right technique.

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What do RevCon athletes have in common with the Super Bowl champions Philadelphia Eagles??

Both groups are on the cutting edge of training to reduce the incidence and severity of concussion. I say “reduce the incidence and severity” [...]

Goalie Superband Hip Drive

My 'thinking' time is filled with trying to find a better way. Constantly. Not that I think there is one "best" way out there, [...]

MEP-a-paloooza 2017 Edition

We are almost to the half-way point of this year’s Dominate December Challenge and it is on big time - - there is trash [...]

Should you really stretch THAT?

So I walked into the gym last week and caught Coach Jeremy doing THIS stretch (I show you in the video)... don't worry, I [...]

The Why Behind The What: Power development for masters athletes

Come on into the gym with me and see what goes through my monkey brain when I am designing your training phases.  This one [...]

Alternative to “sports” drinks that takes 1-minute to make at home

I guess everything old is new again. You might have seen my video on how to make Kombucha at home and I have since [...]



Damian “Revolution Conditioning has helped me achieve my goals by making me a stronger athlete both physically and mentally. When I first started at Rev Con I wasn’t as dedicated as I should have been and they put me onto the right track.”
– Damian Warner, Olympic Bronze Medalist, Decathlon

Glenn “This is a great training and growth facility. In a year I have grown stronger, faster and seen improvement in all areas of my training. The trainers are supportive but push you every step. The clients are great to workout with too. Maria has created a world class place to train.”
– Glenn Whitehead, Part man, Part machine 😉

Dom “Revolution Conditioning has helped me to have a good work ethic both on and off the ice. I am surprised at how much more explosive I have become. I have become one of the most explosive players on team.”
– Dom Korakianitis, NCAA hockey player

Kanna “Dedicated coaching has helped me focus on areas of strength and weakness. I appreciate attention to flexibility, balance and power in addition to strength/cardio training. Progressive training methods generate better results faster. I feel stronger in all facets of life.”
– Kanna Narayanan- Weekend Warrior

Stacey “To me, hockey is all about winning those 10 foot battles along the boards. After training at Revolution Conditioning I noticed a big improvement in that area, especially my first 3 strides. Hockey is more fun when you’re in shape and the RevCon gang definitely prepares you to hit the ice running in September. I enjoy the community feel that the gym has and you are genuinely cared about whether it’s a success or an injury.”
– Stacey Scott, CIS Hockey


Tyler Doig, CPTN
Tyler Doig, CPTNHead Strength Coach
When not training athletes in the gym Tyler is brushing up on his music trivia skills or being an awesome Dad to Adalyn (and baby #2 on the way)
Maria Mountain, MSc
Maria Mountain, MScCertified Exercise Physiologist
Owner/Strength Coach
The founder of RevCon in 2005, Maria’s the one that shouts “What Uuuuup” when you walk in the door.
Deon Rocha, BHS, CSCS
Deon Rocha, BHS, CSCSStrength Coach
Deon is kept busy helping athletes achieve their goals, practicing Jiu Jitsu and impressing all with his grasp of the Finnish language.

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