red number one sign isolated on white backgroundWell, they did it again – Virtue and Moir captured their FIFTH National Figure Skating Championship on the weekend!  If you had the chance to see their routines, you got a real treat.  Now, you know that I am not a figure skating expert, I am just the strength and conditioning coach, but what I noticed this weekend was the evolution of the speed and flow of both programs.

These guys have been taking a lot of heat this season because their Carmen free dance is a little too steamy for some.  I don’t really see it – it is a dance!  Complaining that their Carmen is too steamy is like going to the ballet and complaining that the men’s pants were too tight – it’s ballet that’s the way it supposed to be.

I couldn’t find a copy of the Carmen dance on YouTube – probably too steamy :), but here is the Short Dance – believe it or not the ‘yankee polka’ is hidden in there somewhere…

They were not the only big story there – Margaret Purdy and Michael Marinaro turned it up a notch as they stepped on the ice for their first Senior National Championships and placed a respectable 5th.  They were sitting fourth heading into the second program, but a few bobbles put them back into 5th.

The competition in front of a sold out crowd at the Hersey Centre will be just what they need heading into the World Junior Figure Skating Championships just over a month away in Italy.

Great work team!