What’s up?  Ready for the weekend?

So here is my random-ness for today….

Random #1 – sometimes being healthy hurts – – thought we should eat more fish.  Cooked said ‘fish’ on Monday – house still smells like fish 🙁 …and YES we did the dishes and put out the garbage.  Lesson learned – fish on the BBQ from now on.

Random #2 – pumped to see one of my mentor’s Coach Mike Boyle at the World Series.  He is the strength coach for the Boston Red Sox, so you know who I am cheering for.

Random #3 – there is a difference between being stressed and being under pressure.  I am going to think of stress as a response to things I cannot control, everything else will just be ‘pressure’ – sounds better and won’t make me feel so ‘stressed’.

Random #4 – chin up count this week – 3 in a row.  Last week was 4, so that just proves it – – sometimes you are ahead, sometimes behind, the race is long…

Random #5 – that reminded me that I have not watched this video in WAY too long.  Time to watch it again.  You should too!

If by some chance you do not see the video in the player above, no worries, click the link…

Random Pic…


So that grainy photo was actually taken from our seats in the third row at the Indigo Girls concert at Centennial Hall last Saturday.  It was an awesome show – even Paul who is not the biggest fan, loved it.  Great to see two talented musicians without a set or back up band, just make magic.  If you missed it – well you missed something special.

I think the last time I was in Centennial Hall it was for a high school Pre-Grad party (anyone else remember those)?  It ended badly with about 20 squad cars and 4 paddy wagons – ha ha!  Luckily I ended up in neither.

Song I Can’t Stop Listening To…

Paul and I watched the movie “Once” the other week and as a result I cannot stop listening to the song “Falling Slowly” by Glen Hansard.  I think it fits nicely with the autumn weather as well.  Anyway, you can find the original easily enough, today I am going to share a version with Eddie Vedder – WOW!!

Here is the link – – http://youtu.be/QBML5DCNTOc

That’s IT – I’m out of here!


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