Well it HAS been a long time.  I don’t think there has been a Random in about 4-months.  This is why it is called “Random” Friday-ness people and not “Consistent” Friday-ness 😉

Anyway lots to catch you up on, but let’s start with the song that got my day off to a bang.  Driving into work today this song came on the radio and got my day bumping…

What I am listening too right now…

[kad_youtube url=”https://youtu.be/jJUZXzovjs0″ ]

Let’s Get Random…

Random #1 – this is how far we have come – I am now scheduling our pro hockey player’s workouts around their baby nap times.  Two of them have had babies in the last 18-months and Tyler and his wife are going to join the crew in early June – – it will be a girl, very likely named “Maria”

Random #2 – heading to TO this weekend to see the play “Once” – the movie is worth a watch if only for the music of Glen Hansard (if you don’t know who Glen Hansard is, shame on you – do 15 burpees right now)

Random #3 – whilst in Toronto we will catch The Waterboys on Saturday night – remember the Waterboys?  Awesome!

Random #4 – pumped for the SECOND location of RevCon to get up and running – that will be in mid-May – it will make for the craziest, busiest summer I have ever had (yes I am scared, but also excited).  If I am still standing by September, then it will all be fine.  If not…nice knowing you.

2015-04-20 12.53.12Random #5 – came back from our two week vacation in Paris with an overwhelming desire to bake baguette – – MM fun fact >> I was a baker for my part-time job from 15-19 years of age.  My high school buddies Binsk, Jimeelie and a whole crew of characters all worked there – it was awesome.  Anyway, looks like I still got it.

Random #6– torn because I also understand that since I am not IN Paris where we walked a minimum of 8-miles per day, I will soon weight 300lbs if I keep baking and eating baguettes 🙂

What I am reading…

Did finish reading Paris: A Novel  and it was very good – very cool to see the spots mentioned in the book and imagine all the history.  Also read Ernest Hemmingway’s A Moveable Feast when I was there and it was a great read too.  I have read quite a bit of Hemmingway’s books (not an expert by any stretch) and I think this would be a great one for anyone to start with (warning – it will make you want to move to Paris and become a writer).

Currently, I am reading The Art Of Living by Epictetus and I am loving it – set up in quick 1-2 page lessons so it is very easy to just read a few pages before bed.

Okay – time to go get after it – going to workout at RevCon right now and then start hammering on program design for the next 4-hours.

You have a great Friday and an awesome weekend.