So this is a new thing that I am trying – it is called “Random Friday-ness”.  Note I did not call it ‘consistent Friday-ness’ or ‘weekly Friday-ness’ it will be completely random, except for the Friday-ness of it.

So if I don’t have anything to say or share, then nothing is what you will get – how does that sound?

The topics may or may not include training for sport and fitness.  Since I spend 60+ hours per week working in the field, chances are pretty good you will get some of that content.  Basically this is where I will share things that caught my eye during the past week and what’s awesome in Maria-land lately.

So here goes…

Random photo…


This one came from our hike in Red Rock Canyon, NV a few weeks ago – like cowboy country.

A few interesting reads from the interwebs…

1.  As fitness professionals we have know about this risk for years, but somehow it seems to just be hitting popular media outlets now – CrossFit’s Dirty Little Secret – Now, before you send me hate mail about how much you love CF and how your coach would never do that and how you don’t do high reps of Oly lifts at your CF, etc.

I say two things – #1 if your CF coach does not follow CF protocols, then it is not CrossFit for starters, so relax.  #2 – even if you do follow the WOD and just love doing it – That is awesome – keep going!  Beats sitting on the sofa munching Cheetos.

This same type of life-threatening muscle/kidney damage can occur after participating in marathons, triathlons, I have even seen it in a half marathoner.  So it is not exclusive to CF although most of those other communities see it as a medical emergency rather than a badge of honour.

2.  A great core training progression from the wonderful Coach Mike Boyle –  Congrats to Mike and the Boston Red Sox – play-off bound!

3.  Okay, I may be biased with this one since it is my cousin Jane’s blog – – BUT…stick with me for a second.  She and her husband Stephen (no he’s not sick, just really skinny – sorry Stephen) are documenting their bike ride from Rome to RUSSIA!  That’s right – bike ride.  Actually they have already done that – ‘ride bike to Russia’ – CHECK!  And now they are in Berlin for a bit before heading, oh I don’t know ….to CHINA!  Anyway, I loved this post so check it out – – envious that they got to see Pet Shop Boys 🙂

What I am reading…

  • Ready, Fire, Aim by Michael Masterson right now – great book for anyone starting a business that talks about sales, USP, Big Idea, Big Promise, etc.

Tech geekery…

Updated phone to IOS7 without incident.  If you have done the same and the life is being sucked out of your battery, then try turning off the background syncing or updating of your apps, that seems to work.

Other than the icons looking different so now I have trouble finding my photos (looking for that flower icon), different font for my text messages and a little bit of a difference in navigating I don’t really see much difference at all – sorry Apple.

Song I cannot stop listening to…

Avicii – Wake Me Up

If you cannot see it in the player – here is the link:

Song I am listening to at this very second, but am embarrassed to admit…

Taylor Swift – Back To December/Apologize/Your Not Sorry (Live) from the Speak Now World Tour Live album

132 days until Sochi! 🙂