Athlete Training Facility

No fancy machines, luxury locker rooms or video games for our athletes to play while they wait to train. We have a one track mind – training. Cables, med balls, Kettlebells, resistance bands, sleds, hexbars, barbells, dumbbells, plyoboxes, slideboards, agility ladders, micro hurdles AND no gimmicks.

Professional Coaches

Our coaches are not doing this job until they finish school or get a better offer. Team RevCon coaches are committed to helping athletes achieve their goals and live their dreams. That is a full-time gig.

30-Day Moneyback Guarantee

If you decide to train at RevCon, but change your mind for any reason in the first 30-days, we will refund you every penny of your investment. You will not have to pay for the sessions you attended, we will even help you find a different facility that may suit you better.


  • For our small group and private training sessions, we begin working with athletes when they are 14 years of age (we will accept a 13-year-old athlete the summer before they go into high school) and so far we have trained athletes into their 70s.
  • For our team training, we will work with teams as young as 12.
  • We are typically open from 6am-7pm
  • Yes, all of our small group athletes come for a try-out session so you can see what we do and so we can meet you. We cover the fee for that session because we want to help you make sure it is the right fit.
  • No, you will train in the gym during your scheduled sessions. We are busy training clients throughout the day, so there is no open gym time.


Private Training

  • For athletes that need private training due to availability or specific needs. You work on a custom designed program that addresses your weaknesses and builds on your strengths. Programs range from $90-$110/session.
  • If you are interested in Private Training phone 519-645-6161 or email so we can learn a little more about you and schedule your free consultation.

Small Group Training

  • Our most popular option has athletes training with a ratio of 1 coach to 4 or 6 athletes. It gives you access to our periodized strategic training system and hands on coaching to make sure you are using perfect technique AND a custom program to follow on days when you are not at RevCon. All this at a fraction of our Private Training rate.
  • If you are interested in Small Group Training, phone 519-645-6161 or email to schedule your free try-out session.

Team Training

  • We reserve a few team training slots in our schedule for coaches and athletes who share our long-term development philosophy. This is the only way athletes under the age of 14 can train at RevCon. Our goal with teams is to give them every advantage to stay healthy and improve their performance through in-season and off-season training.
  • If you are interested in Team Training have the coach or manager phone 519-645-6161 or email so we can learn more about your team and see how we can help.

Achieve Your Athletic Potential

Proven training systems to suit your current level and future goals.

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