“Revolution Conditioning has helped me achieve my goals by making me a stronger athlete both physically and mentally. When I first started at Rev Con I wasn’t as dedicated as I should have been and they put me onto the right track.”

Damian Warner

Olympic Bronze Medalist, Decathlon

“I’ve been an athlete all my life and have always been is decent shape. My overall fitness and strength took a huge leap forward within a month of starting the Revolution Conditioning program. I am faster and stronger now than I have ever been and hitting goals I never thought possible. Revolution is the foundation of my athletic successes – I look forward to every workout and every phase!”

Glenn Whitehead


At Revolution Conditioning, I am surrounded by hard working Athletes and Coaches, it’s almost impossible not to give 100% every workout. The Coaches here are extremely knowledgeable and work with me to help me reach my goals. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the dedication that everyone has when I am in and outside of the gym.

Taylor Stewart

2x National Champion, Long Jump

“When I joined NEXXICE, Revolution Conditioning was the first call I made. I knew that Revolution was the right place to help me accomplish all of my skating goals.I owe my National Title and World Bronze to everyone at the gym. The coaches care so much and the athletes are like a family, I could not have made it where I am today without all of you!”

Sarah Burns

National Champion / World Bronze Synchronized Figure Skating

“I have been coming to RevCon for more than 10 years.  Throughout my athletic career I have worked with many trainers at the Provincial, National and NCAA level – RevCon have been the most professional, detail oriented and knowledgeable gym I have trained with. A critical success factor for me has also been the fact I have never had a major injury derail my success – I fully believe this is attributable to my partnership in working with the RevCon Team.”
– Patrick McConville – 2x NCAA All-American Alpine Ski Racer

When I started Revolution Conditioning back in 2016, I was performing at an average level in my sport, and I wanted to become a dominating factor. As I continued to train at Revolution Conditioning I saw immense increase in my performance on and off the track and in the weight room. Not only had Revcon helped me increase my athlete abilities and strength it has helped me grow as a person by increasing my confidence and leadership.”
– Matthew MacNeill – USport Track & Field 2019 Rookie of the Year / CIS Bronze Medal – Long Jump

“I consider myself lucky to be a part of the RevCon Family. In my time since joining, I have tried out for 3 Canadian teams in my sport and am grateful to have made them all. I look forward to my training sessions at Revolution Conditioning. RevCon has helped me become a stronger and more efficient athlete.”
– Bekka Demers – World Dragon Boat Champion

“Revolution conditioning has helped me achieve my goals and is making me a stronger athlete on and off the ice. The trainers have taught me so much and are the best at keeping me motivated and on track. Revolution Conditioning has helped put me on the right path for fitness. I always wanted to workout but didn’t know where to start, but rev con gave me a personalized program to do at home and has set me up for success.”
– Noah McMillan & Jordyn Lewis – Figure Skating – Pairs Ice Dance

“The past 6 years at revolution conditioning has had a significant impact on my hockey career and where I am today on and off the ice. The knowledge of the trainers and their specialized training programs give me the opportunity to correct my weaknesses and better my strengths. Revolution has an unmatched atmosphere that I look forward to being a part of each summer when I return home from the season.”
– Carson Poulin – Hockey Goalie

“When any one asks me what makes the difference in my training I say RevCon strength and conditioning training. I have great sport specific coaches too but a lot of paddlers have that – the difference is Rev Con. The Rev Con coaches are great – keeping things fun while they correct little idiosyncrasies in your movement patterns that could lead to injury. Rev Con continues to prepare me to try out and compete with National teams but I also feel the training is something I will do forever to promote core strength, balance and overall fitness to enjoy an active lifestyle long after I stop racing competitively.”
– Wendy McCrady – World Dragon Boat Champion

“Throughout my time at RevCon, I have seen improvements in multiple areas of the heptathlon in track and field. The positivity and attention to detail at RevCon has helped me reach and continue to surpass my athletic goals.”
– Lily Francis – Track and Field

“The Coaches and RevCon community have been a vital part of my journey as a student-athlete. RevCon provides the perfect combination of support, inspiration and individualized development that has allowed me to reach my goal as a member of Nexxice Team Canada and beyond. The physical and mental skills developed at RevCon have prepared me to represent my best self both on and off the ice. The time invested in explaining the form and function of my workouts and the importance of these details has taken my skating skills to a new level.”
– Payton Beckett – Synchronized Figure Skater – World Short Program Bronze Mendal

“As a figure skater, training at Revolution Conditioning has been a valuable part of achieving my goals. Tyler and Michael are always motivating in the gym and pushing me to my full potential but are very knowledgeable about correct technique to avoid injury. Ever since I started working out at Revolution Conditioning I have seen great improvements in my overall fitness which has helped me to succeed in my sport.”
– Hannah Gray – Figure Skater

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