You know those guys or gals on your team who just go about their business?  They might not be the flashiest one out on the court, turf or ice, but you know you can count on them?  Well, that’s why we chose Nick Rochford as our RevCon All-Start this month.

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He comes in the door, does his work and steadily makes progress day to day, week to week, no flash, no drama, he just grinds it out.

As Coaches Tyler and Deon take on more duties with our groups with me traveling a bit more and spending a bit more time on the business side of RevCon, I hadn’t really worked with Nick in the gym for a couple of weeks and then when I saw him, it was like a transformation!

When he started with us in the spring he was recovering from surgery, so it was time for baby steps.  Now I see him in the gym looking strong and lean as he trains like the rest of our athletes, we are no longer training around his post-op limitations.  It is exciting!

Anyway – congratulations Nick – you earned it!

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