Well – – THAT was worth staying up past bed time for…

Did you see it too?

Watching Team RevCon athletes go after their dreams is always nerve wracking.  A bad pitch, a missed step, a little bobble and they can still fall short despite their years, months, days of hard work.  Not to say there won’t be a tomorrow or a next time, but we want it NOW!

Even watching Jeff pitch the Canadian Men’s Baseball team to Gold at the Pan Am Games on Sunday night was an anxious time.  Not that I don’t believe in Mr. Jeff – – I know he can do it, but at level the margin for error is so slim – – look at how they won the game in the 10th!

Last night was different – when I saw Damian step on the track to run the final event of his Pan Am Decathlon, the 1500m, I knew he would do it.  He had that focused look that said “I will not let this opportunity slip by”.

The Gold was as good as around Damian’s neck – he was so far ahead in points that he would have had to jog in order to lose that, but it was the Canadian record that he was going for – and that would be a stretch.

Boy, did he go for it – from start to finish, he ran against the clock, with nothing but his own grit and determination to push him home.  Thrilled for this guy – PanAm Champ.  PanAm Record Holder.  Canadian Record Holder!!

Next stop Beijing, China for the World Championships in just over a month.

2015-07-24 08.07.28Let’s get random…

Random #1 – Fridays are my days to work on my online business (HockeyTrainingPro.com) and catch up on all the things I have fallen behind on during the week – program design, paying the bills, doing the bank deposits, bookkeeping – – all that stuff.  I usually start off with my GSD session (Get $h1t Done) at Starbucks or Fireroasted Coffee downtown.  Today I decided to put the Aeropress to work and GSD on the back deck at home – – GREAT decision!  Yes, that is coconut almond milk and a wee dash of maple syrup in there – gotta try it 🙂

Random #2 – one week from today Paul and I will head to NYC to see U2 @MSG – – might explode from the excitement in the next few days.

Random #3 – one of my 60-day goals for July/August is to meet Bono (yes it really is) – since I did not make his acquaintance in Toronto, I guess it will be New York – hopefully not while he is riding his bike in Central Park 😉 (if you have to ask…nevermind)

Random #4 – Could the last few days have been any better weather wise?  Answer: Um NO!

Random #5 – Did I utter an F-bomb at the Elite HockeyStrong group on Wednesday?  Answer: Perhaps.

Random #6 – Did they consequently stay in their low squat for the MB Pass?  Answer: Definitely.

Random #7 – if you do not have ‘truffle oil’ in your pantry at home – get some – makes such nice dressing for salad or pasta (with a little balsamic + fresh herbs). Yum!

What am I listening to right now…

I am tuned into Songza right now (if you don’t have it – get it) and the song that is playing right now is… “Illuminate” by The Kite Strings Tangle  – nice chill song.  Check out the “Cool New Music: Summer 2015” playlist on Songza – it is a beauty.

What am I reading right now…

Still reading Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets….

Started reading the 10x Rule by Grant Cardone — and enjoying it for sure.  A good mind shift book for me since I am already a big goal setter – – – seeing that I need to aim higher.

That’s it – I’m outta here.  You have an awesome day!