Hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park with my buddy Andy.

Hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park with my buddy Andy.

What up??? Well, what a whirlwind since the last Random Friday-ness (that I posted on a Sunday).  At that time I was either in or on my way home from San Diego.  Since then Paul and I spent a weekend taking a motorcycle training course where we got our licenses – very exciting!

Then it was off to the National Strength & Conditioning Association’s Hockey Training Clinic in Colorado Springs where I got to sneak in a day early and go for a hike with my buddy Andy – it was a gorgeous day.

Then last weekend I was in Vancouver to do a few private training sessions with some hockey players and run a goalie training workshop.  Again, I was able to sneak in a


My new ride.

visit with my Uncle, Aunt and cousin, so that was nice.

So this is my first weekend to just hang out at home in a long time – looking forward to it!

Random #1 – in the cut-throat Off-Season Music Trivia competition that we have each summer in the gym, we made a democratic decision to replace Hits 1 day with BPM day – only time will tell what the ripple effect will be.

Random #2 – right now I am listening to Taylor Swift – Tim McGraw…oh yes I am!

Random #3 – average muscle gain in the past month by hockey players at RevCon – 3lbs

Random #4– huge thanks to the woman I sat next to on the plane ride home from Vancouver – thank you for just sitting there quietly, reading your book, watching TV, staying on your side.  You were a very good seat-mate.

What I am listening to…

Okay, I know I said I was listening to Taylor Swift a second ago, but that was just a temporary thing.  When I reach for my iPod these days, I can’t help but scroll to Michael Stipe and Neil Young singing the REM tune ‘Country Feedback’ at the Bridge School Concert in 1998 – what a beauty!

If you cannot see the video in the player above, just click here:

What I am reading…

Still reading The ONE Thing...what can I say, I am a slow reader.  I am also reading U2 (Stories Behind The Songs) by Niall Stokes – it is okay – I think quite a bit of it is his interpretation of what the songs are about based on things the band said in interviews at the time.  Being a pretty big fan I find it interesting, but I doubt many other folks would.

That’s it, that’s all – I’m out!

Have an awesome Friday.