Okay it does not have the same ring as 'Random Friday-ness', but it is Sunday, so just live with it. At the airport on my way home from San Diego – this is a sweet airport, I think I could live here.

I was in SD for my Mastermind meeting which is where I get coaching from Bedros Keuilian and Craig Ballantyne as I build my online training empire over at www.HockeyTrainingPro.com

I invest a lot of money to get coaching from the best and to be around a group of motivated and passionate fitness professionals – just like those of you who are serious about achieving your sport performance goals. Finding the best coach can eliminate the guess work and point you down the right path.


Random #2 – If your Mom is not on Facebook, you don't have to write a big thank you to your Mom in your status for everyone BUT your Mom to see. Tell her face to face.

Random #3 – Posting a cute photo of you and your Mom on FB is totally fine.

Random #4 – Best place for fish tacos in San Diego is Tin Fish

Random #5 – If you are using that spray-on suntan lotion and you are sitting on the lawn chair directly upwind of me, you are going to end up spraying your Banana Boat all over ME and your pasty skin will still get burned.

What I am listening to…

Not sure how I have not listened to more Great Lakes Swimmers to this point, but very, very nice music. It is not the pump up music you will put on before the big game, but great music for hangin' out.

Book I am reading…

Just finished Be Our Guest by the Disney Institute. It is a book on the Disney approach to customer service.d It was a great read on the habit of excellence. Definitely a worthwhile read if you have customers.

Next up… The ONE Thing by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan. I think I will also start Every Day Is Game Day by Mark Verstegen and Peter Williams. I think Mark is the smartest strength coach I have ever seen.

Have an awesome day!



PS – our HockeyStrong program is sold out already, but you can still get on the waiting list. We have a couple spots available in our adult groups – you can always send me an email (info@revolutionconditioning.com) or call to see what we have available.