What up???

Ready for Christmas?  Ready or not, here it comes.

Paul and I will host Christmas dinner again, but this year my brother and his family will drive down from Wiarton and join us, so it will be the first time in four years that everyone has been together for the holiday – needless to say, my Mom is pumped!

I will do the traditional frozen stuffed turkey…and before you judge me… my beloved Yia Yia (who was the best cook I have ever known) agreed whole heartedly with me on this topic – – “why wouldn’t you?”  So there 🙂

Whatever you are doing and whichever holiday you choose to celebrate, I hope you have an awesome one with time for family and loved ones!

Now, Let’s Get Random…

Random #1 – for those of you who don’t follow me on FB – my epiphany of the week was a delicious one. Instead of cream or milk in your coffee, try chocolate milk!! mmmmmmm – it is delicious.  Not for all the time, but it makes for a great treat and really there is only about a 1/4-1/2 tsp of sugar in the amount of chocolate milk you add to your coffee – remember it is just a splash.

Random #2 – do a little ‘shop local’ this year.  I visited downtown and Wortley Village to pick up some cool gifts and came home feeling really great!  Paul hit up the mall and came home ready to lose his mind.  Plus, I helped support some other small businesses – always cool.

2015-12-05 18.37.44Random #3DEFINITELY go catch a Red Wings game at The Joe – next season is the last season.  Paul and I went a few weeks ago – stayed at the Double Tree, which was awesome.  Wandered over to Woodward Ave and found a great pub called The Grand Trunk.  The game was so fun, with really knowledgeable hockey fans and everyone was so nice – I don’t know what I expected, but I definitely did not expect to leave with a little girl crush on the DTW 🙂

Random #4 – You know I love to ski and I love the snow, but it is kind of fun running in my shorts still well into December.  I also enjoy seeing the variety of fashion when it is +12C out – shorts and flip flops to folks bundled up in their winter coats, boots, toques, scarves, etc. when it is +12C outside

Random #5 – my favourite random music listening app is Songza – it has moved over to Google Music or whatever they call it.  The navigation is a bit different, but it is still free and still awesome!

What I am listening to right now…

“Plus Ones” by Okkervill River (on that very same Google Music thing) – – I like it!  I chose “The Decemberists Radio” and this is one of the songs that popped on right now.

What I am reading right now…

Well, this will be a lengthy list because apparently I am MUCH better at starting books than finishing them.  So here it is…

FINISHED Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban, am part way through Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Firewhich was probably my least favourite movie, I think I am liking the book more than the movie.

Still reading Killing Sacred Cows by Garret Gunderson

Started reading Patti Smith, Just Kids. It was recommended and lent to me by one of you Team RevCon members and I am loving the Patti Smith’s writing so far.  She has a wonderful use of words, her writing flows so nicely, I am surprised how much I am enjoying.

Okay – outta here.  Time to GSD!