What up???  So?  How has the Autumn been treating you so far?  I think it has been a beauty – just the right mix of grey skies and sunshine!

Out for our Mastermind group dinner with my mentor Bedros Keuilian.

Out for our Mastermind group dinner with my mentor Bedros Keuilian.

It’s been a while since I posted an Episode for a variety of reasons – the hockey off-season lasted until the end of September this year, so that had me in the gym a lot more for a lot longer than normal.  First I was in Madison for the Network Goaltending Symposium, where I presented a few session to 105 goalie coaches from all over the world including the NHL and the head of Swedish Goaltending Development – it was an awesome experience.  Home for one day…then off to Nashville for my Mastermind meeting – it was awesome.

Second day of training camp for the Rochester Americans

Second day of training camp for the Rochester Americans

Home for a week or so, then off to San Diego for another few days of meetings – home for 24 hours then off to Buffalo and Rochester to meet with the strength and conditioning staff of the Sabres and the Americans.  They have asked me to consult with them on their off-ice goalie training this season.

And now I am home sweet home until the beginning of November.

So, now that you know what’s been going on, let’s get random…

Random #1 – if you travel into the US at all, take the time to get a Nexus pass – it saved my bacon on a tight connection from Calgary to San Diego.  Pretty sure I would have missed my flight without it

Random #2 – Yes, I am going to cook one of those stuffed turkey rolls for Paul and me this Thanksgiving weekend – – commence disapproving looks….NOW.

Random #3 – Gonna cook some frozen stuffing while I’m at it so there!

Random #4 – Could someone in the OUA please field a football team that gives the Western Mustangs at least SOME competition?  I mean, it is great that they are undefeated and all – but it is embarrassing when they squash teams all season and then get smashed by teams from the east or west.

Random #5 – Everyone was so excited to see the Blue Jays at the opening game for the Leafs season on Wednesday night…but maybe the night before their first play-off game they should have stayed home, got a good night’s sleep.

Random #6 – Ever have one of those months where everything costs about $728 more than you think it will?  Yeah, me too.

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Random #7 – Loving that the Black Walnut is now open on Richmond Row – have been a fan of the Wortley Village location for a while so it is great to have one closer to home…but as I discovered about 5-minutes later, their wifi can be funky 🙁

Random #8 – If you are ever in San Diego — Fish Tacos at TIN FISH (in the Gaslamp District) are a MUST!  I like the swordfish and shrimp the best (yes I know technically shrimp is not ‘fish’)

What I am listening to RIGHT NOW…

Okay, RIGHT now it is in between songs – – – okay NOW I am listening to Glen Hansard “Just To Be The One” from his new album “Didn’t He Ramble” – this is my first listen to the new songs.  It is good.  Not love at first listen, but good.  This from the gal who didn’t like U2s “Songs Of Innocence” at all the first 6 times I listened to it.  Now I consider it one of their best.  So we will cut Glen some slack here.

What I am reading now…

Finished the 10x Rule by Grant Cardone – really liked it, it was a good mind shift for me and will change the way I look at both my businesses.  So watch out J

Still reading Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban – enjoying it more than Chamber of Secrets – love reading the parts were the books differ from the movie.  I think I will be finished it by Christmas.

Read the book The Fearless Mindset by Peter Scott IV (not the II or the III, but the IV) – it was fine – good reminder and some practical ways to do the things that scare you in order to keep moving forward.  As a result, I am going to conquer my fear of marketing RevCon and make sure everyone within a 50-mile radius knows that it is THE best option for achieving your athletic potential.

I have a few to choose from now – but I think I will read Killing Sacred Cows  by Garrett Gunderson next.  I don’t think any cows are actually harmed in the book – I think it is about financial management – I think.  Stay tuned 🙂

That’s it! I’m out.


PS – happy Thanksgiving all!