What up??? Have you recovered from Thanksgiving yet? I don’t mean the beautiful sunshine and warm temperatures, I mean all the food (and for some of you all the family togetherness :).

Ours was pretty low key – which was great.

My family never really went for the big turkey dinner (I am probably the only fan of it on that side), so we typically had some steaks that my Dad would grill on the BBQ – – I know there were at least a couple Thanksgivings where we had Kentucky Fried Chicken when we were kids 😉

Anyway, my brother does his own thing with his family at Thanksgiving, so we headed out for supper with my Mom and it was lovely – no jumping up and down to the kitchen, no dishes to wash, just time to visit.

Paul’s folks have just moved and their new place is still a little chaotic, so we just went over to their place for a visit on Monday.

Sunday – we did our own Thanksgiving dinner – yes we did cook the frozen stuffed turkey roll – – mmmmmmmmmm! It actually was awesome!

All around a beauty!

Now, let’s get random…

Random #1 – If…IF you ever do find yourself cooking the frozen stuffed turkey roll for a mini-holiday celebration, make sure you wash it down with about 3 gallons of water.  They might just put some salt in those things.  Cannot remember the last time my thirst actually woke me from sleep.  I am guessing I was in University and the Ceeps played some role.

FullSizeRender copy 2

Ready to dominate the day 🙂

Random #2 – I think I actually prefer listening to baseball games on the radio to watching them on TV

Random #3 – will still watch the Blue Jays play-off games on TV though 🙂

Random #4 – wondering if pure Vanilla extract expires. Found a little bottle in the cupboard this morning but have no recollection of when I purchased it – probably time for a new one.

Random #5 – as a matter of fact I DID do a back yard TRX workout in my jeans this week.  Just to lazy to get changed.

Random #6 – new favourite t-shirt for those days when I am ready for world domination

Random #7 – If you just enjoy watching live hockey – definitely check out the Detroit Red Wings – we just got some tickets to see the Wings and the Preds at Joe Louis Arena for about $55 each – decent seats too.  I think the 2016-17 season is the last year for the Joe as well, so it is probably one of those places you should visit before it is gone.

What am I listening to right now?

Actually, I am listening to CBC Radio 2 – I love it…the song that is playing right now is…a cover of Leonard Cohen’s “Suzanne” by Nina Simone (maybe????) – prefer the original.

What am I reading right now?

Started reading Killing Sacred Cows by Garret Gunderson – again, no cows are actually harmed – it is about financial management.

Still reading Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban – – still liking it.

Okay – I am outta here, time to GSD!