What up??  How’ve you been treating life so far this week?

Things in Maria-land have been beauty – busy, but beauty!  The athletes at RevCon are pushing hard – our hockey guys/gals are at the mid-point of their off-season training (hard to believe), Damian is under one month out from his PanAm Games Decathlon with Taylor, Jen and Damian all heading out to the National Track & Field Championships next week.

Time flies when you are having fun!

The Easiest Hard Choice I Ever Had To Make…

You might know (how could you not) that I am a fan of U2.  Not a sleep on the sidewalk outside their hotel hoping to catch a glimpse of them kind of fan, but a take the train from Dublin to Dalkey and wander around hoping Bono will be in town having lunch at the pub that day kind of fan 🙂

I have seen every tour since the Joshua Tree and for their current Innocence & Experience tour we ponied up for tickets to both Toronto shows – Monday and Tuesday.  This was to be our summer break.

…and then the Buffalo Sabres invited me to come and help train the goalies at their Player Development Camp from Tuesday-Thursday.

I know what you are thinking…Buffalo is not that far from Toronto – I could drive back to TO for the Tuesday night show and then back into Buffalo.  I thought the same thing – then I thought of how tired I get and when I get tired, I get cranky and do I really want to risk this great opportunity being cranky to everyone?


You see, one of these things moves me closer to my goals (helping athletes achieve their goals and live their dreams), so it was a very easy decision.  Buffalo it is!

Let’s get random…

Random #1 – Just applied for a Nexus card this morning – might be one of the last people I know to do so – kind of exciting.

Random #2 – if you live in London, I think it is worth checking out FireRoasted Coffee Company downtown – delicious!!  My favourite in the area is still Balzac’s in Stratford (there is one in the Distillery District in TO as well as other locations) – it is mmm mmm good!

2015-06-20 18.33.21Random #3 – on the topic of coffee – I found instructions on how to roast my own beans using a hot air popper – seriously (how awesome is the internet).  So naturally I tried it.  And here’s how it worked….popcorn popper almost exploded, no longer works… house filled with smoke (pretty heavy smoke) for about 3-hours and smelled of burned coffee for about 3-days… delicious dark roasted coffee beans and the pride of knowing I did it all by myself (well, Paul was there to shake his head at what an idiot his wife is).  I will definitely do it again – next time with a better corn popper (we had the $9 model) and I will certainly do it outside.

Random #4 – after about 31 years of listening to this song, I think I finally have an appreciation for Kim Mitchell’s Patio Lanterns – thinking it is one of those irrefutable signs that I am indeed getting old – I’m okay with that.

Random #5 – If you don’t have the app Songza yet – get it.  Might have found the best mix ever – check out the “At An 80’s Prom” playlist – outstanding!  Playing Alphaville’s Forever Young right now.

What I am listening to right now…

Honestly, I am listening to General Public “Tenderness” right now – which is an awesome song, but the song that perks me up when I hear it come on the radio these days is this one from X Ambassadors

[kad_youtube url=”https://youtu.be/1u-niluB8HI” ]

What I am reading…

Just finished Stephen King’s On Writing and it was an awesome read.  I have never read a Stephen King book and this is more of an autobiography paired with his thoughts on the craft of writing – loved it!

Still reading Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets maybe I am not overly motivated because I know how it ends (it was Ginny).

Finished The Art Of Living: The Classical Manual on Virtue, Happiness And Effectiveness by Sharon Lebell based on the ancient writings of Epictetus – FANTASTIC and very quick read.  If you read one page of this book before tackling each day, I guarantee it would improve your quality of life.

Okay – that’s it!  I’m outta here.