Howdy!  What’s shakin’ on this fine Friday morning?  How has your week been?

Mine has been great – super busy, but great!  The big news for Team RevCon was the arrival of little Adalyn Hope Doig to Coach Tyler and Fran! All are happy and healthy.

They are going to be awesome parents – she is a lucky little gal.

So if you see Coach Tyler and he looks a little tired, buy that guy a coffee 🙂

I sent out an email earlier this week to the RevCon Insider’s list about Damian’s latest Decathlon last week in Austria.  On the first day he faulted on all of his shot puts – – so got a score of ZERO in that event.  He should have easily been on the podium and very likely on the top step with the Gold around his neck.  But with a score of zero he was lucky to hit the middle of the pack.

The point of that email was that he didn’t quit; he kept going – he persevered.

A new definition of PERSEVERANCE…

2015-06-04 21.20.03Team RevCon athletes Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir are heading offering up their time for a trip to Scotland in support of Gold Medal Plates which offers unique travel experiences with some of Canada’s top performers in sport, the arts and of course top-notch chefs.  The goal is to raise funds to help Canadian athletes on their quest for excellence.

On the trip to Scotland Scotty and Tessa will be joined by Geoffrey Kelly and John Mann from Spirit of the West (one of my all-time favourite bands).  As it happens the boys were in town last night to play at what will forever be “Dr. Rock-its” to me…but is now “Cowboy’s Ranch”.

Paul and I figured we would give Miss Tessa a little class called SOTW 101.

And they band did not disappoint!  What a great show ending of course with – Save This House, Home For A Rest and The Crawl.  

So where does the bravery come in – – that’s what you are thinking right?

What you may not know is that John Mann has early onset Alzheimers (he is probably 52 right now – only 7 years older than me), so he has to sing the words from an iPad affixed to his mic stand.  But it is not just words that we sing right?

He also has to remember the melody, the tonal changes, the subtle shifts that bring the songs to life.

It is challenging enough that at times, even with the prompting, the words or melodies would not come.  Just here and there, but he face let a bit of the frustration show through.

But he kept singing and dancing and entertaining us all – like he always has.

THAT is perseverance…THAT is bravery!

So the next time you want to complain about the weather or how you ‘don’t have time’ or how your job is too hard, do me a favour and SHUT IT!

Now, Let’s Get Random…

Random #1 – Does it make me a bad person that I just place pre-made potted flowers in my garden at the front of the house?  Hopefully not, because I am planning on doing it again tomorrow 🙂

Random #2 – If you have not been to “Toboggan” the new Mike Smith restaurant conveniently located about 40 feet from the RevCon HQ – it is good.  If you enjoy craft beer, theirs is very good.

Random #3 – Just read in the paper that there will be a “pop-up” flea market this Sunday starting at 11am in the parking lot across from the Convention Centre downtown – sounds like it will be pretty cool with lots of local vendors.

Random #4 –  The more chin ups I do – the better I get at them.  Funny how that works isn’t it?

What I am listening to right now?

Nothing, with Coach Tyler off for a week with the new baby, Coach Deon is working with his private clients this morning, so I am in the gym just keeping tabs on those sessions.  For the record, Coach Deon is doing AWESOME!

What I am reading…

At the suggestion of my business coach and mentor Craig Ballantyne, I am reading Stephen King’s On-Writing.

It is his memoir and musings on becoming a writer and the craft of writing.  I have never read a Stephen King book, I am not a fan of scary stories (they make me too scared), but I am LOVING this book.  A great read, really entertaining.

Another example of how and individual who achieved greatness in their craft was given ample opportunity to fail, but was either too stubborn or too stupid to realize it.

I am also STILL trying to finish Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Maybe this weekend I will have a little time to get through a good chunk of that.

Okay my friend – I have to get busy putting together what we call the Friday UFC workout for a few of our pro hockey guys at the RevCon gym.  You have a great rest of the week.

Keep pushing!