What UPPP???  Happy New Year!

How did your Christmas/New Year’s go?

2015-01-01 15.25.48

Ours was very nice – we hung out with Paul’s family on Christmas Eve and had just my Mom over for Christmas dinner on the 25th.  We cooked the turkey, which I must admit, we are pretty good at! A good time was had by all!

On the 27th we hopped in the car and hit Toronto to watch Denmark v. Sweden in the World Junior Hockey Championships and that was awesome!  To see those kids playing with such passion, it was great hockey.

Now…Let’s Get Random

Random #1 – on the topic of U2 – in Episode 11 I mentioned the new U2 album and highlighted ‘Every Breaking Wave’ as the strongest song of the set…well now I would like to change that.

It is one of the BEST U2 songs ever – especially when you hear how they are doing it live… listen to this!

[kad_youtube url=”http://youtu.be/VtlxUAOm6kY” ]


Random #2 – speaking of U2, they will be touring this summer so get your tickets.  If you are in this neck of the woods, then it is Toronto or Montreal.  Paul and I have tickets for both shows in TO.  You may recall that I have seen every U2 tour since the Joshua Tree, where my pal Binsk and I took a school bus to see them play at Exhibition Stadium – it was my first big concert.

This is the first time I will see both shows – – and I am pretty sure I will meet Bono, probably randomly at a Starbucks or something 😉

Random #3 – spent a lot less money this Christmas on gifts, deciding not to buy people things they did not need or want – – had a lovely, low stress holiday.

Random #4 – busy working on goals for 2015 – need a big one, but a few of the smaller ones are – write in my journal everyday, cook a new recipe every month (starting with Beef Wellington this weekend), practice French everyday from now until we go to Paris in March.

Random #5 – the year that was – looking back on 2014, I am thinking the highlight was learning to ride a motorcycle and then getting my CBR250 – I guess the fact that I managed not to fall off of it at any point is a major bonus as well.

Random #6 – highlight of my holidays was our annual Christmas Eve workouts at RevCon – I love seeing everyone at Christmas and am always amazed at how many Team RevCon athletes get out of bed early on Christmas Eve to hit our 7am or 8am workout.  We give the adults Champagne and OJ – so maybe that helps 🙂

What I Am Listening To Right Now

Other than that U2 song above, I am totally digging the Bruce Cockburn song “Pacing The Cage” and I am unsure how I made it this long without ever hearing it before – weird eh?

[kad_youtube url=”http://youtu.be/mN2uMVYwmqc” ]

What I Am Reading Now

Still reading – Paris: The Novel by Edward Rutherfurd – beginning to think I may never finish it.  Not that I will stop reading it, but I may never make it to the end.  Good book though.

Start With Why by Simon Sinek – which talks about finding your ‘why’ and how great organizations like Apple have a ‘why they do’ rather than a ‘what they do’.  I think we do a good job of this at RevCon – our actions are guided by our mission to help athletes achieve their goals and live their dreams while reducing their risk of injury.

Okay my friend, time to get some work done – happy New Year to you!