Hiking to the top of Mt. Charleston – – this is only about a 45-minute drive from Vegas. It is beautiful.

What up??? It has been a while, but that is what Random Friday-ness is all about – giving you something stupid to read only when the spirit moves me.  Hope all has been awesome with you lately.  Things have been rockin’ at RevCon – our hockey players are enjoying success this season so far.  Shout out to goaltender Carson Poulin who was the game MVP in both games where he got the start at last weeks tourney.

Outside of the gym things have been rolling.  Paul and I were in Vegas for my mastermind meeting and then a few days of hiking/pool sitting in mid-September.  It was a welcome break after the busy summer in the gym.

Let’s Get Random…

Random #1 – when telling people that you are taking down a wall in your house, their first question will inevitably be…’Is it a weight-bearing wall?’ …Yes, I am taking down a structural wall in my house because I want the whole thing to crumble into an uninhabitable pile of rubble.

Random #2 – Paul and I decided to tear down a wall in our home and all the flooring in the living room and dining room (see Random #1)

Random #3 – Finally hit my goal of doing 8 chin-ups.  Whew.

Random #4 – Just found out that the apartment we rented in Paris this March is only and 11-minute walk from the ‘nicest Starbucks in the world’.  And I know that you are not supposed to go to Starbucks when you are in Paris, I know you are supposed to sit in a cafe to drink your coffee, but when it is time to GSD – – you know where you will find me 🙂

Random #5 – No, I don’t think U2 should have let Apple put their new album into everyone’s iTunes library BUT… I do think they did it out of an enthusiasm to share, like ‘hey let’s give it to everyone!’.  Now, had the album been as good as The Joshua Tree, I don’t think there would have been an issue.  I am listening to the entire album at least three times per week to see how it grows on me. There are some good songs, but I don’t think it will go on the top shelf of my U2 collection.  If you hated that they put the album in your library – relax, it’s not like they filled your iPod with Nickleback songs or anything.

Random #6 – If you have not already deleted “Songs Of Innocence” by U2 from your iPod – one of the best songs on the album is “Every Breaking Wave” – you should give it a listen.

What am I listening to right now?

I had a hankering for some Grapes of Wrath when I was driving to Starbucks this morning, so here is what I am listening to right now…

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What am I reading right now?

I have a few on the go –

Paris: The Novel by Edward Rutherfurd

This one is a novel that looks at Paris through the early days. It skips around from the time of Kings, to Napoleon, to the building of the Eiffel Tower.  It is a good read so far.

The Go-Giver by Bob Burg and John David Mann

I guess this is a ‘business’ book, but really it is just a very quick read that reminds me about offering exceptional customer service, a reminder to be a good connector, to help others get what they want and need.

A Guide To Better Movement by Todd Hargrove

I am enjoying reading a book on movement that is not written by a trainer.  It brings a different perspective and is more neuromuscular than many of the pure training books on the topic.  So instead of just looking at the muscles and connective tissue as the cause for movement impairment, this book makes more of a link the the nervous system’s control of movement and pain.

Okay – time to get some work done – have an awesome day!