athlete progressionThe more I work with athletes in the Revolution gym and through my online training at I have learned that something that seems obvious to me is not obvious to everyone else… there will be bumps.

What I mean is, your success will not be a linear progression.  It will be a wiggly wavy line that over time should travel up, up, up – – but there will be bumps.

Some will be frustrating, some will be a mere annoyance and some will be devastating.  It is all part of the process and the price of admission.

If you look at the greatest athletes of all time, I don’t think you would find one who could say, “I never had a setback, I just kept getting better and better and better every single day without ever having a day of despair”.  If you know of one, let me know.

DefeatedSome of the bumps are within your control – you made the wrong choices (skipped training sessions, did not eat properly, ignored the coach) and some are completely beyond our control such as a traumatic injury, a bad day, a cold or illness.

Every athlete has hit a bump and for every bump, some will get knocked down and some of those will stay down.  What makes you different (and what will lead to your ultimate success) is your choice to get back up and keep pushing.  You understanding and belief that you are still on an overall upward trajectory, you just have to keep climbing.

Our off-season programs start on Monday in the Revolution Gym.  We have a full slate of athletes from hockey, alpine skiing, track, basketball, volleyball and more.  My message to them will be this…never pass up an opportunity for excellence.  If you attack every daily workout as an opportunity to excel, you will smooth out some of the bumps and you will have the confidence to survive the bigger ones.