WooHoo – welcome to episode two of ‘Random Friday-ness’.  If you don’t know what the heck it is, then you probably missed Episode 1 >>>> HERE.  I’m not going to explain it again, so you better go back and read that one first!

Random Photo


This one was taken from our front porch looking out at the beautiful maple across the street changing its colours.

What I am reading right now…

Finished the book Ready, Fire, Aim by Michael Masterson (that’s not his real name by the way).  Well, I shouldn’t say I finished it per se because it is divided into stages of growth for your business.

The first section tells you how to build your business from $0- $1-million bucks.  The second section is how to go from $1- $10-million.  Not gonna need THAT section for a while, so I figure I better keep doing the rinse and repeat on the first part for a wee bit longer J

Now I am reading a book I got from Paul last Christmas – I started reading it, but then stopped and now I am reading it again…

Bruce  By Peter Ames Carlin

It is a biography of Bruce Springsteen and although I don’t really find the writing style gripping, sorry Mr. Carlin, it is a like watching one of those semi-dull documentaries on what could be a really cool story and perhaps he is trying to give a neutral account of the events that shaped Springsteen’s life and career.

The biggest take-away from the book so far is just how hard it was for Springsteen to become, well…Springsteen.

Even when Born To Run was out, he still had to have a roommate to help cover the rent for his house, he was not out zipping around in a Ferrari.  He was working, and working, and working.

There was ample opportunity to quit, ample motivation to do so, but a strong belief in what he could do kept him pushing.  We can all take a big lesson from that.

So frustrated I almost wrote a rant on Facebook…

If you are a trainer or a strength coach or any kind of fitness professional, please for the love of humanity, stop posting videos of your clients lifting ridiculous amounts of weight with awful form!  Setting someone up for a disc herniation is not cool.

To me this is like bragging about how fast your 9-year old can drive the family station wagon.

You are supposed to be a professional for goodness sake!  Act like one!

Song I cannot stop listening too…

Still diggin’ the Avicii, but let me dig a little deeper and find a new one…

Oh yeah, this one…

Lorde – Royals

 If for some strange reason you cannot see the video in the player above, then just click the link below:

That kid is only 16…AND everyone is wearing clothes in the video — how shockingly refreshing.

Things that made me go “what the???”

  • when the Olympic torch went out in Russia, so the re-lit it….with a Zippo.  Um, you are not supposed to do that Komrades – that’s kinda why they fly fire all the way from Greece.

That’s all the randomness for today – happy Friday!

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