calendar imageTake a look at your calendar right now, I’ll wait here…

What is the date?  That’s right, it is the first week of FEBRUARY!  That means the year is 1/12 of the way gone.  That means you need to be 1/12 of the way to your goals for this year.  Are you there?

I bet most of you are NOT anywhere near 1/12 of the way to achieving your goals for 2013.  Don’t worry, it is not time to panic yet.  Let’s take a second and change the focus.  Rather than focusing on the long-term outcome and instead, make your goal this…”Today (or this week) I am going to take this step toward that outcome”.  It is those daily steps that will lead to the outcome goal.  Simple isn’t it.

So one of my goals for this year was to workout on a more consistent basis.  You see, just like you I get into times when I am ‘too busy’ and my workouts get pushed to the back burner.

So instead of just saying I am going to workout more regularly – I broke that goal into action steps – like four workouts per week – so that’s 16 workouts per month.  Did I achieve that goal for January?  You bet I did.  Will I achieve that goal for February as well – darn right I will because my focus is on getting one day or one week better and that keeps me moving forward and taking action.

So do me a favour and write down your action step for the next day or the next week that will make you one day better or move you one day closer to your goals.

Okay – that is all I have for you today – keep moving forward gang.

PS – keep an eye out for Team Revolution athletes Scott Moir and Tessa Virtue  who will be competing this weekend in the Four Continents Championship – they will be going head to head with the Americans, so that is always fun.