london ontario hockey trainingThis is one for all the London, Ontario hockey players we train who cannot make it in for their regular workout.  It is a quick workout program that you can do with just a set of dumbbells at home.

You definitely do not want to arrive at play-off time in worse shape than you were when the season started, but you also cannot (and should not) be spending 1.5 hours or more on your off-ice hockey workouts when you also have games, practices and – – oh yeah — school to keep up with.

Complete Workouts For You…

I have put it all together for you in the video below – I include the sets, reps and how many times per week to do each element – Flexibility, Strength and Speed.  Each module takes only about 10-20 minutes, so it is easy for you to build your speed and strength during the season.

If you cannot see the video in the viewer above, no problem – just click on the link below…

Where’s The Cardio?

You might notice that we are not spending time on ‘cardio’ training – my expectation is that you are getting that covered in your practices and games.  This is a big mistake that a lot of trainers make when they work with an entire team – they do a circuit that targets muscular endurance, rather than focus on building the strength and power necessary to make an impact on the ice.

Our top players still make it into the Revolution Gym to train once per week during the season, this way we can make sure they are maintaining their strength and power through regular testing and address any small tweaks before they develop into full blown injuries and time watching from the stands.  You can schedule your try-out session today – we even pay for it – 519-266-6595 ext 1 or

Happy training.