most hated hockey exerciseIf you asked our summer Varsity or HockeySTRONG athletes what the most hated four words in the RevCon vocabulary have been over the last four weeks I am 100% sure the answer would be – Three. Hundred. Yard. Shuttles. I don’t blame them, these things are brutal!

Taking the torture to the west coast

Can’t wait to unleash this concept on the unsuspecting goalies I will have the pleasure of working with on Sunday at the Ultimate Goalie Training LIVE workshop in North Vancouver.

Say ‘Hello’ to my little friend

If you have never had the ‘pleasure’ they are one of our go-to exercises for developing multi-directional stamina in our off-season hockey training program.  It is the kind of stamina you cannot build by sitting on a bike or running at the track. What makes these special is the deceleration and acceleration demand – this is what punishes the legs, but also what breeds success on the ice, field or court.

If you are thinking ‘that sounds like fun, I would like to try’ – first of all, give you head a shake. If you insist on giving it a go, then here’s how to set it up.

WARNING!!! – if you have not sprinted since high school or if you have cranky knees or ankles or if you are prone to hamstring tears – basically if you are not currently doing any sprinting or high speed agility training – DO NOT EVEN ATTEMPT THIS! Something will go IMG_0648‘pa-TOING’ – I am not kidding

  • Make sure you have level ground and good footing – if you are on grass, use cleats
  • Measure out 25 yards (yes, yards, not meters)
  • Place a cone at each end
  • Do a full dynamic warm up – if you don’t know what that is, you probably should not be doing this drill
  • Start at one cone and run back and forth between the two cones six times (each lap is 50 yards)
  • Record your time

If your time is 60 seconds or less – good for you – that is awesome! If your time is closer to 80 seconds, then there is some work to do there.

What’s worse than ONE 300-yard Shuttle?

It does get worse. WE use it as a test with our Varsity, HockeySTRONG and pro athletes – they do one rep of the 300 yard shuttle. Then they get 5-minutes to rest and then repeat the test.

At RevCon if everyone in our Varsity/HockeySTRONG group gets both reps under 60 seconds, we stop doing 300 yard shuttles for the rest of the off-season. That typically happens around the end of July.

If you actually decide to try it – sorry #NotSorry



PS – if you are serious about your off-season hockey training, but cannot get into the Revolution gym to work with us in person, you can download this step-by-step off-season program that shows and tells you exactly what to do each day for training – including the dreaded 300-yard shuttles.  Maybe I shouldn’t have told you that 🙂  ==> The BRAVE will CLICK HERE