In multidirectional sports or power sports like sprints, throws and jumps in track and field – having that explosive impulse is the key.  As I told you in this articlestrength is not the answer >> power IS.

2015-06-23 09.44.44-1It where we are going with all of our training systems at RevCon – even when we are improving your mobility, the end goal is giving you the capacity to generate power through that range. Even for the recreational tennis player, the end goal is letting you apply more power with less wear and tear on your body.  It is the thread that weaves through all our programming.

As our HockeyStrong athletes progress through their off-season they have build a great base of flexibility, stability and strength using our new Tri-Phasic off-season periodization scheme – the strength gains (an average of 12lbs increase per leg on single leg squats in only 4-weeks) have been remarkable and our players tell us that they are feeling quick and light on the ice, which is great.

What they don’t know is that we haven’t even started focusing on power – that is what’s coming now.

Power is a quick application of force – I think of Bruce Lee and his one inch punch, where he could apparently generate enough force over one inch of travel with a punch to knock a man on his butt.  Now THAT is power.

Today I am going to reveal one of the new exercises our athletes will be seeing in their next phase of training (a sneak peek if you will) that will teach them to relax and then forcefully contract their legs to develop explosive power.

Here’s how you do it…

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Since the goal is power, you will only do 2-3 sets for 3 reps per set.  There should be at least 2-minutes between each set – this won’t be actual rest, you will be working on other things, flexibility, core strength, upper body strength, hip stability, whatever…just don’t hang out at the water fountain 🙂


PS – better late than never – if you haven’t started your off-season training yet, you ARE indeed way behind, but putting it off for another few days won’t help you catch up.  Getting into RevCon will – if you are ready to put in the work, we will get you ready for puck drop in a couple months – – email info[at] or phone 519-645-6161 to see how we do it.