Believe it or not, we are already thinking about our off-season HockeyStrong workouts… and getting excited for another great spring and summer.  We were going over some technique yesterday and this is one of our foundation skills that all our athletes learn to execute with perfection.

It is tougher to do properly than it looks.  At RevCon, changing direction isn’t just a matter of slamming on the brakes and turning your body.  Just like a Formula One racer has techniques to help him conserve and even generate some speed out of a turn, we do the same thing and this is the foundation of it all.

The Hockey Stop Knee Punch

Using both legs to decelerate, establishing a positive shin angle and then exploding out of the loaded position and punching your hips around into the direction of intended travel helps any athlete stop, change direction and accelerate faster and with less strain on the hamstrings and back.

Here’s a quick recap on how we do it…