athlete trainingI think of this one as a dynamic core stabilization exercise.  Planks are great – we use them a lot at Revolution Conditioning, but in real life and real sport performance, you need to stabilize your torso while generating force or performing movements with your other extremities.  That is our destination.

That’s EXACTLY what this bodyweight exercise does for you.  It looks super simple, but it is incredibly difficult and if you don’t have the stability to do it properly, then leave it out of your routine until both your shoulder and torso are stronger.

If you are one of our Team RevCon athletes and you are struggling with this one, then let me know so I can give you some supplemental work to do at home.

Here’s How To Do It…

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How Many?

This is not meant to be a max strength exercise.  You should not be killing yourself to get it done, so we typically start with three circles in each direction with each arm.

2-3 sets of 3 circles in each direction to start.

Do not make your circles too large, if you cannot stabilize or your are really straining to stabilize, then you are missing the point of the exercise.  It should be work, but you should not be feeling straining in your back or shoulder.  If you are feeling that, then make the circle smaller until you adjust to the exercise.

Happy training.


PS – congratulations to Team Ontario Alpine Skier, Patrick McConville who knocked out 5 reps of single leg squats at 210lbs yesterday and added 5cm to his standing long jump test in the last month. #OneDayBetter