Both groups are on the cutting edge of training to reduce the incidence and severity of concussion.

I say “reduce the incidence and severity” rather than “prevention” because in a multi-directional contact sport or a sport where your head can come into contact with the turf or playing surface, there will be no way to eliminate concussions.

But what if specific training protocols could reduce the incidence and severity of the injury?

What if instead of missing two weeks of school with a grade 2 or 3 concussion, you were back to competition within a week following a grade 1 concussion?

Or what if a mechanism that may have given you symptoms of a grade 1 concussion, now leaves you unaffected and you don’t even have to miss a play?

That’s huge isn’t it?

Just like the Philadelphia Eagles and the Western Mustang football team before them, we have been using the TopSpin 360 in our Varsity training programs.  The technology continues to improve, we now have a nice iPad interface to count the reps versus the cycling computer we used to use, so that is a plus.

There is also more research on the horizon looking at the effectiveness of the device for actually training the neck stabilizers to control movements of the head which in-turn leads to less sloshing of the brain within the cranium, which is the mechanism for concussion injuries.

Strength in those muscles is not the key element.  The key is to get those muscles strong enough, then develop their coordination and stamina.

Let me walk you through it in the video – – it looks pretty silly, but it makes perfect sense and research data supports that it helps athletes control their cranium.

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