Maria Mountain, MSc

Maria is a U2 fan who helps athletes achieve their goals and live their dreams in that order.

Entering the fitness industry back in 1994 when a personal trainer was someone you met only once who showed you how to adjust the seat on the knee extension machine, she founded Revolution Sport Conditioning in 2005.

In between she completed her Masters of Science in Kinesiology under the mentorship of Dr. Peter Fowler, joined the Fowler Kennedy Sport Medicine Clinic team as their exercise specialist, was a strength coach at Western University and put in her time at one of those fancy 15,000 sq. foot athlete training franchises.

It was her time in those roles that developed her training philosophy and the core values of Revolution Conditioning.

We take an inside out approach to developing athletes.

We value strength, passion and discipline.

We do not take short cuts.

…And most importantly, we are not right for everyone and we are okay with that.

Investing more gym time into developing the Team RevCon coaches, working with our elite athletes and continually fine tuning our program design, Maria also runs an online business training hockey goalies all over the world (

For fun she coaches clients, mentors the coaches, designs training programs, runs and loves to get outside skiing, snowboarding, running, mountain biking. paddleboarding or just heading out to grab a coffee at the Black Walnut with Paul, her extremely patient husband of over 20 years.

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