We are almost to the half-way point of this year’s Dominate December Challenge and it is on big time – – there is trash talking and hair pulling (okay, not hair pulling).  There are MEPs going on the board like crazy and Glenn has already cleared 11,000 MEPs (oh wait, 12K…. oh wait 13k 😉 )

Things are getting strategic this year, so here is your strategic MEP-a-palooza workout designed to get you max MEPs without hitting local muscular fatigue first.  I was trying to do my intervals on the slideboard the other day, but my legs fatigued before my lungs which tells me two things… gotta do more slideboard work… but need to do that AFTER the Dominate December Challenge.

For me, it’s running or the bike that I can consistently crank up my heart rate and keep it there, so here is a workout based on that.  Enjoy – – okay, you won’t enjoy the workout per se, but you will like the MEP-age.

You might want to keep a bucket nearby 🙂

This workout will take 35-minutes and if you do it right, it will get you over 100 MEPs.

Warm Up nice and easy for 5-minutes.

Then we get started.

  • Increase pace until you get into the yellow zone – hold it there for 60 seconds (strategically speaking being at the top of the yellow zone doesn’t get your more MEPs than being at the bottom of the yellow zone)
  • Then ease off, go nice and easy until your heart rate gets into the green zone again (the duration will depend on your recovery – probably around 30s-ish), once you hit the green zone, crank it up again into the yellow and hold the yellow for 60 seconds.
  • Rinse and repeat for a total of 30-minutes and then bask in the glory of all those MEPs.
  • The constantly check your app to see when your status on the Challenge page updates, then curse because the person you thought you just caught and passed in the Challenge, was also doing MEP-a-palooza and you are still 40 MEPs behind them L

Go get it Team!