Let me be clear – – I do not have Celiac disease, that is a serious condition and those folks really cannot eat foods that contain gluten.  Through experimentation over the last few years, I have found I feel better when I avoid gluten.

But then when I did the Nutrigenomics testing with our favourite Registered Dietician Lisa Cianfrini, we found the answer! My body has trouble breaking down starch.  So when I saw this awesome, less starchy alternative to my typical pasta I wanted to give it a go.

…and it was AWESOME!

Here’s one of my go to recipes for making some yum, yum ZOODLES (not the kind that came from a can when we were kids by the way – you know the ones that tasted exactly the same as alphagetti?)…

If you cannot see this video, no worries, just click here for the direct link

So go crazy – mix it up a little – get your veggies, add some lean protein, try a tomato sauce.  You will seriously NOT believe how well these stay together.

Hope this helps you finish off your March Nutrition Challenge strong.  You will need the energy for April’s Challenge 🙂