Do you remember when I spat into a tube a few weeks ago?  If you missed it, click HERE and see what I am talking about, because when you just read that it sounds pretty gross.

Anyway, I got my results back last week and it was eye opening!

Here are the highlights…

  • I have trouble processing starch.  This explains why I feel better when I avoid gluten even though I know I am not celiac for sure!  Gluten is A-OK for me, but starch is the issue, so I have started limiting that.
  • I am not great at processing caffeine.  I sort of suspected this one, but I was a little crushed since I actually love coffee.  The guideline was to limit it (I don’t have to eliminate it) so I am doing that.
  • I am at risk for low iron.  Which I also knew during my days as an X-C ski racer, but figured that since I stopped training so hard that it would be better – maybe not.
  • Elevated risk for low Vitamin D because I do not take sunlight and turn it into Vitamin D as well as most – so a supplement was recommended.
  • My drive to exercise is typical.
  • My power and strength capacity is typical, but my endurance capacity is “enhanced” – again, I knew I was a slow twitch machine, thus the X-C ski racing, rowing, marathons for competitive sport.
  • This one made my eyeballs pop… increased risk of Achilles Tendon injury.  I will definitely think twice before doing full speed sprinting demos for our athletes without a warm up.  Looks like the crew will only get to see what 75% top speed Maria looks like – – imagining it won’t be all that different then 100% Maria (see above).

If you want to see Lisa walk me through the results and all her recommendations, you can watch the entire video below…

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There is a little background hum on the video, sorry about that.


PS – Lisa left three collection kits at the gym for me if you want to do it.  It is $448 including tax and includes a consult with Lisa to go over your results and your personal nutrition log so she can give you specific suggestions based on your DNA.  We do not benefit financially from it, just making it easier for our athletes to get access.