Woohooooo – 20 EPISODES!  That is pretty good for a perfectly random thing.  The last episode was before Christmas if you can believe it!  So, how was your Christmas?  Good?

That’s old news – let’s fast forward a little bit

But first… I will tell you that the frozen stuffed Butterball Turkey did NOT let me down.  Yet again it was a huge success for Christmas dinner.

Now, Let’s Get Random…

2016-03-18 05.50.43Random #1 – proof that you can try to eat well on the road and it can still backfire (somewhat literally).  So I am in Irvine, California right now for the Fitness Business Summit.  I have stayed at this same hotel for other events and I am pretty sure I usually hit the Mother’s grocery store down the road and then for dinner on the first night I get the “Big Bowl”.

It is the thing where you pick your starch – Quinoa, Brown Rice, GF Pasta or Potatoes, then your protein – Chicken, Steak, Shrimp, probably tofu or something and they add fresh veggies.

In my memory it has always been awesome, just what I need to bounce back from a travel day with three different flights.

Not the case yesterday.

I think they literally (and I mean LITERALLY) cooked the Quinoa in oil maybe (not water, OIL).  It was like the sloppiest stir fry with overcooked veggies that you have ever seen. Ever wonder what happens when the cook doesn’t show up for his shift because it was St. Paddy’s day and he stopped off at the bar around 2pm for just one beer with his buddies before heading to work and then….. it goes downhill from there.  Well, I am thinking this Bowl O’ Oil is what happens.

I tried to just eat the chicken and some of the veggies, but it clearly did NOT agree with my digestion…enough said about that.

Random #2 – sorry to miss the shenanigans of St. Patrick’s day up and down Richmond Row yesterday – I gather the weather kept it a little more subdued than other years.

Random #3 – Marriott is getting their fitness rooms dialed in.  The one here has a little corner with a functional trainer (cable column), TRX, KBs, DBs – – pretty much everything required for happiness.

Random #4 – FINALLY got a proper espresso machine for home – I am pretty much like a barista behind that thing.  It makes delicious coffee (and steamed milk of course) – current favourite coffee is the Balzac’s espresso roast, although for every day coffee you cannot do better than the LavAzza Gold beans that you get at the grocery store.  So yum!  Thanks to my boy John Acquaviva for that tip – the guy doesn’t just know EDM my friends 🙂

Random #5 – if you like music at all, check out the documentary “Muscle Shoals” – – really cool – that is all I will say about it.  Okay, I will also say this… think of Sweet Home Alabama (the song, not the movie) where they say “Muscle Shoals has got the swampers…” NOW that is all I will say – really.

Random #6 – if you have AirMiles, start using them.  As of December 31, 2016 you will start losing any miles that are over 5 years old.  Paul and I had about 29,000 just sitting there, so naturally we bought a sweet Teac turntable (yes a turntable), a set of 5-50lbs PowerBlocks (like the ones at RevCon) for home AND flights and hotel in NYC for a few days in April – – not bad eh?

Random #7 – we are upping our Instagram game, so if you are on there, make sure to follow us – RevConLondon for the feed from the gym and GoalieTraining is the feed for my online business and where I post more of my vacation pics.

What I am listening to now…


Well, RIGHT NOW, I am not listening to anything, but I will tell you that I am still obsessed with the Ryan Adams ‘cover album’ of Taylor Swifts 1989.  It is a brilliant album!  Check it out.

What I am reading now…

Reading Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix  liking it so far – again some subtle differences from the movie that make it fun to read.

Also almost finished the Chrissie Hynde autobiography Reckless  which is a good title, because she sure was.  Note to self, don’t go to a biker clubhouse, get drunk, take drugs and expect it to work out well.  Anyway, an interesting read for sure and another example that she had so many opportunities to quit and no one would have thought anything about it or even tried to convince her to keep going.

Okay – off to the first day of FBS2016 woohooo!