Well holy, it has been a long time since one of these went up.


What up?  How’s your week been?

Mine has been great! And that is not to say everything that happened was great.  In fact the week had a few pretty sizeable speed bumps, but you know what – – this morning I woke up in Canada, with a roof over my head, with the love of my life, I walked 20 feet to have my morning pee and it magically flushed away, I turned on the tap and hot water came out… you get the idea.

There are parts of the world where folks would risk everything they have to get what we take for-granted.

So as I sit at Locomotive Espresso, sipping a nice decaf flat white listening to U2 on random shuffle on my iPhone, bouncing back and forth in conversation with a web developer in Pakistan who is working on a project for me three words keep coming to mind.

Life. Is. Good.

Let’s Get Random…

Random #1 – I think everyone should ride a kick scooter.  Can’t wait to ride that thing to work this summer – – probably wait until the snow is gone.  And “No” I don’t think it makes me look like a dork – I think it is super cool 😉

Random #2 – spent some time with my girl squad last night – some of you got to meet Whitey in the gym this week.  I have known her and Binsk since we were about 5 years old.  Pissy I have known since I was about 8 or 9 (she is a year younger) and Jimeelie has been in my life since I was 12.  Nothing better than hanging around with the quality people who have been there every step of the way.  Connect with one of your oldest friends before the end of the weekend.  Even if you haven’t talked with them in years, they will be thrilled to hear from you and I promise you will pick up right where you left off.

Random #3 – related to #2 – if you and your girlies thought you would all go see Salt’n Peppa at Rock the Park this year – you too are out of luck.  It is sold out my friend…unless you want to pay $300 for the meet and greet with Vanilla Ice option 😉

Random #4 – has London changed it’s motto to the “Un-Forest City” – I counted 9 beautiful big maple trees cut down on my run around our neighbourhood the other day – that is a lot.

What Am I Listening To RIGHT NOW?

Happens to be “Sunday Bloody Sunday” – by a little band from the north side of Dublin called U2 🙂

What Am I Reading Now?

I have been doing a little more listening lately using the app “Audible”, so I just finished listening to Ryan Holiday “The Obstacle Is The Way” for the second time – I loved it!  It takes lessons from the Stoic and relates them to current times.  Much like the opening to this post, it is about choosing your perspective to overcome hurdles, even really big ones.  Definitely worth a read or a listen.

I read fiction before bed and for that I am on London: The Novel by Edward Rutherford – it is a fiction based on the history of the great city – – not the Forest city, but the other London.  Totally enjoying it.

… and that’s it that’s all – outta here!