Advanced – Core and hip stability drill

Before I show you how to do this monster of a core/hip stability drill, I want to give a huge Team RevCon shout out to Trennt Michaud and his partner Evelyn for winning pairs Figure [...]

Agility Tip: Efficient deceleration/acceleration

Believe it or not, we are already thinking about our off-season HockeyStrong workouts... and getting excited for another great spring and summer.  We were going over some technique yesterday and this is one of our [...]

Shoulder Savers

The Poor Push Up…

Give this great upper body/core exercise the attention it deserves and do it right...like this.  

Open Gym For January

Happy New Year Team RevCon! Again, what an amazing job you did in the Dominate December Challenge.  Bet there aren't too many London area athletes who ended December fitter than they started it! Let's keep [...]

RevCon Tip Of The Week: Elevated SL Squat

Want to see the status of your functional strength? This is a great exercise to show you clearly where your strengths and weaknesses lie. If you can do this one with a level pelvis, perfect [...]

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