What your achilles pain means…

What Is That Pain In Your Achilles – could depend on your age First off, let me be clear - - if you are having pain in your Achilles, get it checked out by a [...]

RevCon TOTW: Add a little power

No Equipment Workout… add a little power You know that Paul and I are traveling and unlike back home, there isn’t a fitness club every 10 blocks (although I have seen more than I did [...]

Two Amazing Vegan Recipes To Turbo Boost Your Day

So, maybe the picture above is a little mis-leading 🙂  It is neither of the recipes that Team RevCon All Star and Plant Matter Kitchen Founder, Glenn Whitehead gave me to share for our #NutritionChallengeRevCon. [...]

RevCon Tip Of The Week – Hip Flexors

Before I get to your RSC TOTW I invite you to join me in giving a huge WHOOP WHOOP! out to our March All-Star Kaleigh Hole! Not only did Kaleigh dominate the Ontario University Championships [...]

3-Minute Healthy Recipe for the #NutritionChallengeRevCon

This one will cover a lot of your bases for the #NutritionChallengeRevCon. Was your goal to eat breakfast regularly? Was your goal to eat more fresh veggies? Was your goal to make your own lunch? [...]

Your Challenge For March…

March Nutrition Challenge... Do you accept? So, we have Dominated December, had Open Gym January and February Unlimited, that is a lot of training.  When I was brainstorming ideas for what we could do in [...]

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