Improve your wrist mobility for Front Squats

I know it is going to happen about a dozen times every time I put Front Squats in our training programs.  And I get it, it's not your fault, you just don't have the mobility [...]

Yes, more squat pattern work…

I told you there was going to be a little theme here, so "Yes" I am still talking about squats, so deal with it 🙂 World BRONZE medal ... but before we talk squats - [...]

Random Friday: Episode 21

Well holy, it has been a long time since one of these went up. Onward. What up?  How's your week been? Mine has been great! And that is not to say everything that happened was [...]

Get Your Squat On…

Last week’s RevCon Tip Of the Week was all about squatting with weight when you can’t even squat with just your bodyweight. I gave you a basic drill to start with – it was an [...]

Read this if you can’t squat

If you can’t squat… If you can’t squat, then … you can’t squat. Sounds simple enough doesn’t it? It should be, but apparently it isn’t.  Before I get into the details, I want to let [...]

You won’t believe how good these taste

Let me be clear - - I do not have Celiac disease, that is a serious condition and those folks really cannot eat foods that contain gluten.  Through experimentation over the last few years, I [...]

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