MEP-a-paloooza 2017 Edition

We are almost to the half-way point of this year’s Dominate December Challenge and it is on big time - - there is trash talking and hair pulling (okay, not hair pulling).  There are MEPs [...]

Should you really stretch THAT?

So I walked into the gym last week and caught Coach Jeremy doing THIS stretch (I show you in the video)... don't worry, I made him stop right away. But let me make sure you [...]

The Why Behind The What: Power development for masters athletes

Come on into the gym with me and see what goes through my monkey brain when I am designing your training phases.  This one focuses on power development for our masters athletes, because doing it [...]

Alternative to “sports” drinks that takes 1-minute to make at home

I guess everything old is new again. You might have seen my video on how to make Kombucha at home and I have since 'discovered' another hipster beverage that is making a big comeback, it's [...]

Making your agility training more sport specific

If you don't have a grasp on proper acceleration/deceleration mechanics yet, then you don't need to worry about adding neural complexity, that will only hamper your progress.  But if you have been training with us [...]

Uh oh – – I’m feeling tired and my power went down

I had an email from one of the hockey players I train online last week and he was in a bit of a panic – he felt really tired, even when he was on the [...]

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