Box Jumps look cool – – that’s all

BOX JUMP SILLINESS IN THE GYM... If you are training in a gym or watching training videos on Instagram then READ this for SURE! Here is the Reader’s Digest version if you have a short [...]

The key to a strong core for athletes who lift

For starters, you've gotta watch this video just to see the amazing effects that the Team RevCon Super Admin Sarah added to the first 20-seconds.  Gold medal worthy for sure! But the second reason you [...]

What do RevCon athletes have in common with the Super Bowl champions Philadelphia Eagles??

Both groups are on the cutting edge of training to reduce the incidence and severity of concussion. I say “reduce the incidence and severity” rather than “prevention” because in a multi-directional contact sport or a [...]

Goalie Superband Hip Drive

My 'thinking' time is filled with trying to find a better way. Constantly. Not that I think there is one "best" way out there, but looking for a better way is how our programs continue [...]

MEP-a-paloooza 2017 Edition

We are almost to the half-way point of this year’s Dominate December Challenge and it is on big time - - there is trash talking and hair pulling (okay, not hair pulling).  There are MEPs [...]

Should you really stretch THAT?

So I walked into the gym last week and caught Coach Jeremy doing THIS stretch (I show you in the video)... don't worry, I made him stop right away. But let me make sure you [...]

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