athlete training - stretchesUnless of course you train with us in person at the RevCon gym, you have never stretched your hips like this…but you should.

This stretch combines flexion and rotation and according to Dr. Andreo Spina, the creator of Functional Range Conditioning, it is also a way to put the hip capsule on stretch.  For those of you who always feel a little tight in your hips or limited in your running or skating stride, the limitation can be in the joint capsule where your standard hamstring, quad and hip flexor stretches will not get it.

So you stretch and never see improvement in your functional movements.

This is a tough stretch- probably the hardest one many of you have done, but once you unwind yourself from the floor and get the feeling back into your legs, your hips will feel looser than they have in a long time.

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As always focus on the technique – watch the video a couple of times to make sure you have it right.

You should feel a stretch sensation deep in the hip  or on the back side of the hip as you do this mobility exercise, you should NOT feel a pinch or block in the front of the joint as you go through the movement.  If you are feeling pain or a block in the front of the joint, this exercise is not for you and trying to force your hip into a position it is not suited to, can cause an injury.

Listen to your body.

Give the stretch a try and tell me what you think in the comments section below.


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