I told you there was going to be a little theme here, so “Yes” I am still talking about squats, so deal with it ūüôā

World BRONZE medal

… but before we talk squats – a big TEAM RevCon shout out to Sarah Burns, Laura Emery and their Nexxice teammates on taking Bronze in the World Synchronized Skating Championships in Colorado Springs. ¬†An amazing accomplishment. ¬†If you have never seen an elite team like Nexxice go through their programs, it is worth a watch, what they do out there is amazing.

Okay – now squat talk.

About 45% of our athletes in the gym can get low into their deep squat, they just can’t keep their chest up. ¬†They are super close, but not quite there, so here is another way to get that last few degrees.

Make sure whatever you leaning on will not move otherwise you will be learning a nice back somersault AND only use it as a little bit of support, don’t lean against the wall and then use that to muscle your way into the position. ¬†It should feel like just a wee helping hand.

Got it?

The final step… be patient. ¬†It takes time to change your movement patterns. ¬†You have probably obliterated your squat pattern over the last several years, so it is going to take time to get it back.

If you are a Master’s athlete and have arthritis in your knees or hips or for anyone who gets joint pain when working on this pattern, step one is STOP. ¬†Don’t keep trying to hammer a square peg into a round hole, that will likely make things worse. ¬†If you don’t know why you can’t get down there, then book an appointment to have Bri-Guy or your sport physio check out what’s going on and whether it is something you should be working on or if it is something you should just leave alone.

That’s it – catch you later.

PS – the Cup winner pool is up on the whiteboard in the gym – make sure you put your initials next to your pick for the Stanley Cup Champ. ¬†Last year Jackie Stewart was the ONLY one to pick the Penguins – WOW! ¬†I will be pleased if either the Blues or the Caps win (more please for the Blues :)). ¬†Would obviously love to see TO take it all the way, but I just don’t think it is their year… YET.