chin upI was looking at our testing results from last week (it was the week we test chin-ups) and I will admit it, I was disheartened.  You see it was the first time in as long as I can remember that our group average went down.

For us, this is unacceptable – it may be unreasonable to expect that they will improve every single time, but that is the expectation and anything less is unacceptable.

We will work on that.

But the interesting thing I noticed was that for the most part the athletes who are training regularly in the gym showed improvements.  Those who have been MIA from the gym (many of them for good reason – primarily hockey season) performed much worse and brought the average down.

It is not their fault…really

I am not blaming them for bringing the average down – it is only one test – but I want to shine a spotlight on what happens when you stop training.

Training is like a magic pill that makes you more stable, stronger and faster, but you have to keep taking it.

Once you stop, the benefits disappear.

So when your getting too busy to keep up with your training, remember that you are losing the benefits and you might end up like some of these players who are getting weaker at the most important point in the season.

That’s why we give all of our athletes at RevCon custom home based programs that they can work on when they are not able to get into the gym – so there are no excuses.

You need to have a full-time mindset

This is where the idea of the full-time mindset comes in.  The mindset that training isn’t something you do when nothing else is going on, it is part of your full-time pursuit of excellence.

Over the past several years, I have seen the change in mindset for many of our most successful athletes as they continue on their upward trajectory.  They stop dabbling in their sport and start going for it – and it pays off.

That is how it is working for Team RevCon athlete Patrick McConville who was just named to represent Canada at the World Junior Alpine Skiing Championships in Norway next month.  #OneBigStep

Congratulations Paddy – we are so proud of you!