Simmer down Team RevCon…relax.

Yes, there has been some confusion; I have had more than a few people ask about our “Biggest Loser” contest or our yoga classes.

Let me reassure you – – we are not turning into a one-stop-shop for all things fitness.  We are sticking to our core passion, which is helping athletes of all levels and abilities (yes, even you weekend warriors and rec athletes) achieve their goals and live their dreams through our proven training systems and attention to detail.

Yes, there has been some rage; I love how protective you are of RevCon 🙂

But rest assured… no one is trying to copy us or steal our identity.  That would be impossible anyway, wouldn’t it?

Think about it.  Revolution and RevCon are great dynamic and strong words that evoke a sense of passion.  Other people can have passion too – right?

The One And Only…well sort of

I was shocked to realize this morning that Revolution Sport Conditioning will celebrate it’s 10 year anniversary this September!  We are the longest standing athlete training gym in London, ON.  Crazy eh? In that time we seen…

  • Jeff Francis pitch in the World Series
  • Andy McDonald hoist the Stanley Cup
  • Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir win Olympic gold…then a couple more silvers
  • Damian Warner come from out of no where to place 5th in the Olympic decathlon and earn a World silver
  • countless hockey players go on to the OHL, KHL, NHL, CIS, AHL, NCAA
  • CIS records fall, championships earned
  • our Masters athletes run their first 10k, continue enjoying the sport they love without all the injuries, dominate their kids on the ski slopes and perform at levels they never expected

It has been an awesome ride and it is only going to get better.

London Ontario athlete training

And by “Better” I mean…

Starting in mid-May we are opening our second location in the Centrefield Sports complex in south London.  This new facility will give us 4000 sq feet of turf and a larger strength and power area.

Our roots will remain downtown – we aren’t going anywhere – but this new facility will give athletes in south London, St. Thomas, Strathroy, Ingersoll and surrounding areas easier access to RevCon.  It will also let us work with more teams which is a great way to get your athletes our top level coaching for under $15 per athlete.

So buckle up Team RevCon – it is hustle time.

Our off-season HockeySTRONG program is close to another sell out for the 10th year in a row, Tyler and his wife are getting ready to welcome their first baby in the next few months and RevCon is hatching its new baby in the next few weeks – gonna be a wild spring and we cannot wait!

#TheOneAndOnly #OneDayBetter


PS – if you want to come out (or bring your team out) and take the new facility for a test drive, let me know.