shutterstock_185581745It was so simple I was like ‘Why didn’t I think of that’ when I learned it from renowned physiotherapist and strength coach Charlie Weingroff.  For many of the athletes who have been training with us at RevCon, the plank has become mundane.  Their body has figured it out and they can execute them with perfection for 90s.

Until now…

This simple modification not only gives you a nice shoulder stabilization effect, but it also makes your torso light up.  Give it a try and you will immediately see what I mean.

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Start with 5 reps of pulling for 10 seconds each (start with only 2 reps if you cannot hold a perfect plank for 90 seconds).  Do not rest your belly on the floor in between ‘pulls’.  You will hold your good plank position throughout and simply pull your elbows toward your toes for 10 seconds, then relax the pull and then pull again.  Make sense?



PS – thanks to those of you who have asked.  The information on our 10th annual HockeyStrong off-season hockey training program will come out in late February.  It will go out to returning players first and then be opened to new players. Just email if you want more details.