Our HockeySTRONG program is in full swing, plus we have our alpine ski racers, soccer players, track athletes and basketball players and other athletes still working away at Revolution Conditioning, so things are BUSY!  But awesome.  Our Speed & Stamina group did their first 300 yard shuttle of the summer and we had a few guys very close to 60 seconds which was great to see so early on.

One of the exercises that I still see done improperly during our warm up is the hamstring stretch, so I know if these athletes are having trouble doing it right, that some of you are probably in the same boat – so here is a NEW hamstring stretch for you to try.

If you do not see the video in the player above, just click on this link

Make sure you feel the lateral hamstrings as you rotate you pelvis inward and your medial hamstrings as you rotate your pelvis outward.  That is the key.

No Hill Run This Week…

baseball gloveJust a reminder for our summer athletes that there is no hill run this Saturday – the first one is next Saturday – May 31st – FUN!  So enjoy your weekend of rest – that will be a distant memory by next weekend 😉

Paul and I will be off to Toronto on Sunday to hopefully see two of our athletes pitch in the Jays game.  One is a sure thing – Team RevCon member Tessa Virtue will be throwing out the first pitch – and she is going to do awesome.  We practiced a little in the gym yesterday and my hand still hurts 🙂

Hopefully we will get to see Jeff Francis come in out of the bullpen to pitch for the Oakland A’s – I promise to only cheer for the A’s if Jeff comes into the game and even then I will do it quietly to myself (actually no I won’t).

You have a great weekend too.