Investing In The RevCon Mission

I have always been a goal setter and pretty good the key ingredient of taking action to reach those goals and achieve a vision.

I remember having a vision more than 12 years ago that one day I would start training a young athlete with some promise and the motivation to succeed.  We would work together like a team and one day that athlete would stand on top of the podium at the Olympic Games or hoist the Stanley Cup high over his head at centre ice.

And it has happened…

I knew exactly how it would feel (it actually felt better) to see those athletes living their dream – – because I had seen it thousands of times already in my head.  I remember talking with Scott Moir before Vancouver about how they would blow the roof off the PNE in Vancouver when they got to the last 40 seconds of their Free Dance…and it happened!

What’s your vision?


It doesn’t  have to be as grand as becoming Olympic or Stanley Cup Champion.  Maybe your goal is to be the one pushing your friends or kids on the ski slopes this season.  To set that edge and carve those beautiful Super G turns without your quads screaming.

Maybe it is finally cracking the AAA team or becoming one of the impact players on your team.  Could be leaving the fear and frustration of injury after injury behind you.  Perhaps you just want to drive home after the game with a mini-highlight reel playing in your head, rather than seeing all the mistakes you made or opportunities you missed.

Don’t just think about it, but picture it clearly in your mind, how it will feel to put a move on your opponent and put points on the board.  How great will it feel to be the one everyone is coming to for a hi-5?  What will you say when even players on the other team are telling you what a great job you did?  Picture it – sight, smell, sound.

Here’s mine…

Since starting Revolution Conditioning out of the trunk of my 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee  ten years ago I have had the same vision and it is what drives the RevCon mission; I will spell it out for you in a second.

This mission has always been central to any decision made at RevCon, so I was surprised to get an email from a soccer Mom thanking me for giving up my time to work with her daughter’s team.

I routinely volunteer to help teams improve their performance.

Sometimes that is to show the athletes and coaches exactly how simple it is to dramatically reduce the risk of devastating ACL injuries – it is amazingly simple and any coach can work these knee-saving strategies seamlessly into their warm up and regular practice.  These are a big hit with Soccer and Basketball teams.

Other teams feel the need for speed.  They don’t realize that what they are currently doing for their team conditioning is actually making the players slower.  So I give the specific drills and skills any player can use to be more explosive.  What’s cool is the players actually feel the difference before the end of the session.

Teams that need a strength-training strategy or good sport specific dynamic warm-up? Yeah, I do that too.

You see, I believe in giving back and the best way for me to give back is to help athletes achieve, selfishly this fits perfectly with my mission.  So I never “give up” or donate my time.

I invest my time!  I invest in the next generation of London area athletes.

That’s where my mission comes in.  Quite simply the mission is this…

>> To help 5,000 London area athletes achieve their goals and live their dreams by 2025. <<


This will include four more Olympic medalists, two more Stanley Cup Champions and at least 20 more National Team members.

It will also include countless high school athletes who make their high school football, hockey, soccer, basketball or volleyball team for the first time or finally make their competitive dream teamNo more being the last cut for the AAA team.

It will also be all you adult recreational or competitive athletes who finish your first triathlon, win the club championships, set a PR, dominate your first Tough Mudder or finally re-discover your inner athlete.

You are all part of the mission and this is why it is easy for me to invest my time.

Glad we are clear on where we are and where we are going 🙂

Have a beauty day – dominate it.


PS – I am happy to come out and invest my time with your team (your child’s team), your workplace or sport group – just ask!