For starters, you’ve gotta watch this video just to see the amazing effects that the Team RevCon Super Admin Sarah added to the first 20-seconds.  Gold medal worthy for sure!

But the second reason you should watch is to see just what a neutral spine is – – and how unaware you are of your own spinal position with basic patterns like the squat or the hip hinge.

What happens when you lack awareness is you are loading your spine in relatively weak positions without even realizing it and that puts you at risk of an injury or at very least increases the wear and tear on your spine over time… which will eventually lead to injury.

So if you ever squat, deadlift, stiff legged deadlift, goblet squat, bent over row, push up, plank or split squat to name a few, you should check out this short video – – mainly for the sound effects though…

If you cannot see the video above because the dark side has taken over your computer,
just click here >>

See you in the gym – – hope you are loving this new phase as much as we are – – I know it is crazy, but it works!


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