The high school and adult clients we train at Revolution are dedicated to their training, but we still occassionally hear the – 'well I didn't have access to a gym when I was __________' (insert – at the cottage, on holiday, in Bora Bora…you get the idea).

I enjoy travelling partly for this reason – it busts me out of the confines of the gym and let's me get creative or just work my muscles in a different way. The simple workout that I am going to share with you in about 20-seconds left me with really sore oblique abdominals.

I work my obliques in my regular training, but I think it was the push up variation that hit them in a unique way.

Good As Gold

Before I share the quick video from my workout at the Lonsdale Quay in North Vancouver (I was there earlier in the summer to run a goalie training clinic), I need to give Team RevCon athlete Damian Warner a HUGE shout out for his GOLD medal performance in the Decathlon at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotland.

He lead the event from start to finish and set two Commonwealth Games records in the process. This is the next step in his journey to become Olympic Champion. I have not spoken to him, but I am sure he is happy with his performance, but by no means satisfied. Gonna keep the foot on the gas heading straight for Rio 2016!

Here is the workout you can do next time you are away from the gym…

That's all for today – make it an awesome one!


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