shutterstock_220112881When you see a gifted athlete it almost looks like they are on a completely different level, the game or the event somehow looks easier for them.  At RevCon we have the privilege of working with London, Ontario’s most successful athletes including Canada’s fittest man Damian Warner, Olympic Champions, a Stanley Cup Champion and numerous champions at the high school and masters level.

What is the common thread?

Simple; it’s ATHLETICISM

If you are thinking, “well I wasn’t born with natural athleticism”, that is okay.  These three methods will still help you, regardless of your age or current ability.

You are right, some athletes are naturally gifted, but that is the exception and that very likely isn’t you.  Even if it is you, imagine the impact of applying these three methods to your natural talent – it is almost like an unfair advantage over every single one of your competitors and I am okay with that.

Method #1 – Move

The elite can move.

They can squat, lunge, push and pull with efficient patterns.  This let’s them produce more force with less wear and tear.  In other words, they are stronger in their sport and less vulnerable to injury.

We start with Static Stretching – NO it will not decrease your explosiveness J

Of course we use self-myofascial release techniques with all of our athletes at Revolution Conditioning and then we use many advanced mobility techniques including the Functional Range Conditioning methods.

If you don’t currently have a daily mobility routine, here’s where you can start –

[kad_youtube url=”” maxwidth=750 ]

Method #2 – Athletic Strength

There is strength and then there is ATHLETIC STRENGTH!

What is athletic strength? 

Well, it is strength that you can actually use in your sport.  Exercises like Leg Press, Knee Extensions and Bench Press can help you build big, dumb muscles, but that strength will not translate effectively into athletic movements.

Athletic strength teaches you to produce force while stabilizing your body, that’s what you need to succeed in sport.

So I don’t care how much you can Leg Press (or Back Squat for that matter) – what I want to know is can you do a perfect SL Squat To Tap with just your body weight?  That is the minimum requirement for our athletes at RevCon.

Can you do it?

[kad_youtube url=”” maxwidth=750 ]

Like I said, that is the minimum, we want our athletes to be able to do this exercise for reps holding a minimum of half their bodyweight in DBs.  Our top performers use a weight vest and hold DBs to do more than their body weight on only one leg!

Method #3 – Commit

The ones who transform their athleticism, who turbo boost their speed, who return from an off-season as one of the three strongest and fittest athletes on the team are the ones who commit to the process of developing athleticism.

They stop looking for short cuts, quick fixes or workouts that just leave them soaked in sweat, but don’t address their specific needs as an athlete.

They follow the proven program, they invest their time and effort on the big things – those workouts that leave them at the point of barfing (or maybe slightly past that point) and the little things like their personal daily mobility routines.  They go all in!

So there you have three ways you will improve your athleticism regardless of your current age, level of play or sport.


  • If you are trying to move from AA up to AAA, it will work.
  • If you want to ski first to last chair on your annual ski trip this year, it will work.
  • If you are gunning for the Club Championship in squash, golf or tennis, it will work.
  • If you are trying to make the move from a good regional athlete to a standout National level athlete, it will work.

Now, you know what to do, you just have to do it.


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