No Equipment Workout… add a little power

You know that Paul and I are traveling and unlike back home, there isn’t a fitness club every 10 blocks (although I have seen more than I did last time we were here). It can be tough to keep up with your strength training when you are away and do not have access to a gym.

We are staying in an apartment, so there isn’t even a sketchy hotel gym… that’s why I brought my resistance bands – much to Paul’s chagrin J

But let’s say you don’t even have resistance bands, then focus on your power.

I know you are pretty strong and fit, so doing bodyweight squats like the fitness magazines tell you to do, is not going to cut it, but if you add power to the move, you can tap into more of those big fast twitch muscle fibres.

So how about this superset… 5>10>3 Model

Let’s use the 5>10>3 Model here. You will do 5 reps of the first exercise, 10 reps of the second and 3 reps of the last.

Squat Jump > Single Leg Squat > Reverse Lunge To Jump

So that would be 5 squat jumps > 10 Single Leg Squats on each leg > 3 reverse lunge to jump on each leg.


Plyo Push Up > Off-Set Push Up > Triangle Push Up 

You get the idea. There is always SOMETHING you can do so find a way to make it work for you. Add more challenge by adding some power.

Here’s what each exercise looks like – – and WOW do you get some funny looks when you start bustin’ out a few push ups in the middle of a park in Paris 🙂

Just in case your flip phone won’t play the video… here’s the link >

Boy, I think I just earned a pain au chocolat – – off to the boulangerie 😉