The words are different, but the question is the same.

Some of you are sending me detailed plans of how you intend to ‘make up for lost time’, ‘supercharge your training’, or ‘fill up the tank’ before the season starts.

One of you actually told me that you were going to train from 9am-5pm, like it was a full time job. Seriously, it was all mapped out – an hour of stretching from 9-10am, then to the gym for 3 hours, then 2-hours of cardio, an hour of specialized training and another hour of stretching.

I was afraid to ask what exactly they were going to do for their 3-hours at the gym and 2-hours of cardio.

You might have also noticed that there was no time allotted for eating in there.

It actually doesn’t matter because trying to train like that is a great way to accelerate something… accelerate your road to burnout and injury.

I shot this video to give you some tangible steps to follow…